Goals and objectives
Mathematics focuses onemerging trends in mathematics leading to fulfill the requirements of oursociety.The vision of the departmentof Mathematics is to generate skilled mathematical mind with all scientificaptitude for every comer of knowledge based society. We feel that it's acontinuous process to provide Mathematical entrepreneur to not only pure andnatural science but also to Commerce, Economics and various other socialsciences.
Our Missions

To translate our vision, our mission is based on the philosophy that"Mathematics is the Queen of all Sciences". So keeping in mind thephilosophy our mission are -

·                      To create undergraduate and postgraduate with strong skill andknowledge of mathematical science.

·                               To create stakeholders with both basic and applied mathematicalknowledge.

·                              To generate interest among students for scientific validation oftradition Indian mathematical knowledge.

·                              To induce younger to undertake challenges of research for improvement ofknowledge.

·                              To generate interest for mathematical scienceamong younger right from school level to research level.