About of the Department:

Ø UG program Started 1963 (with college established).  

Ø PG programme started in 2018-19.  

Ø The tuition fee for the PG program is per program

Ø Facilities- Departmental library, Laptop.  

Ø The Economics Council is formed in every session.  

Ø Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities arebeing performed.


Ø The vision for this program is to empower thestudents with human values to become technically proficient, innovative,self-motivated and responsible global citizens; who can contributesignificantly to quality technical education in an ever-changing world.



Ø To study economics with rich skills in theoreticaland practical background.

Ø To inform the new studies happening in the field ofresearch and to induce research of the students.

Ø To develop own career in the field of Teaching,Administration, RBI and Bank Officer, Consultants with logical thinking,analytical aptitude, leadership and creativity.  

Ø To explain to the students, what is the importance ofstudying economics in daily life & develop reasoning power related to it