Best Practice

Best Practice
Voter awareness program under SWEEP- Since its the year of assembly election,NSS unit is orgnising voter awareness programs.Its objective is to spread awareness regarding suffrage and increase participation in the great festival of Democracy in India.Camps are organized in Khuteri village,Bagbahara city as well as in the college with the support of SWEEP block nodel agency.

The aim the college is not only to impart academic knowledge but also to create an environment where students can be aware of their rights and get involved in activities that help in bringing about a change in multiple attitudes towards human rights as a member of democracy.SWEEP volunteers of the college has been continuously organizing voter awareness programs.They are also helping to make new voter id cards for new voters.

Know Yourself activity- Since the college is situated in the very backward area of mahasamund district and most of the students belong to the rural and economicaly poor background,so we select a day in every week in which we provide them different activity based skills,education and carrier guidance for their holistic development.Its objectives is to make them eligible for earning their livelyhood and prepare them for future challenges.This activities are mostly based on arts, skills,personality development,leadership quality,sports,Yoga,excercises,cleanliness,carrier guadance except their academic education.Our soul aim by organising these activities is Students should know themselves,enjoy every moment and  contribute in the society as a good human being.

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